Beginner in IT industry

As a fresh graduate I was proud to join a Big Brand IT Company ( I will not name it here ;)) as my first company. I reached that city with my father 3 days prior to the date of joining at Comapny. I came to visit the campus the next day of my reaching here. I literally fell in love with those Huge buildings with blue glass facades.
It feels very different for a person who has never seen how an organization works to come and join work in a big organization. There were so many fears- will I be able to meet the organizations expectations, what if I fail to do my work on time, or what if my work is not up to the mark. Fears akin to what a student gets before important exams during his academic life. Even if you were a brilliant academic performer in college, you still feel fearful when you are about to join work.
At Comapny, the campus to corporate training program makes you feel very comfortable. The games, the open discussions and doubt clearing sessions that we had with the HR team make you get ready for your corporate life. Then you start feeling lucky that you have got this brand name as your first company in your professional life. You learn that it’s fine to make mistakes and learn from them, and it’s not different from your academic life. You get to learn cool stuff and meet some of the most intelligent people here. They inspire you.
All Big Brands have this protocol of calling everybody by their first names. It was something new to me as we are used to calling people as sir or ma’am. Calling my manager by his first name feels as if he is my classmate from college.
At work place time flies by, it’s not even 40 days that I joined this company and I’m loving it! You get to meet so many people in the campus. The gym is well equipped and well maintained. Company wants to us to be fit and healthy. Even after I am tired after work I got to gym and feel the energy surging after 30 minutes of run on a treadmill.
When I need to get some fresh air, I can just get out of my cubicle and walk around. There are well maintained gardens which makes me wonder how come they keep the plants so green in the heat of India. It seems as if we are in some resort …with well -kept green shrubs around the buildings.
Comapny environment is so warm and there is no dress code here, I used to come wearing formals to office in the first few days and was surprised to see most of the seniors here in jeans and T-Shirts.
I must add that while coming to work every morning I feel as if I am going to my college, to learn, to live, to chill, and to enjoy life at these big brands.
Enjoy the Experience.. !!