Is HR/Recruitment Really Ready For Innovative Candidates

Before I begin this blog post, I want to acknowledge that there are some great HR/Recruitment people out there who are innovative and are leading the way in using new means to successfully attract and connect with talented people. For those of you who fit in this category, please keep thinking outside the square – just because what you do may not be the norm doesn’t mean it is bad.

Ok, with that acknowledgment out of the way – Earlier this morning (I started this post Friday morning) I came across this online profile via a networking site  Jane Jackson

I love the information that Jackson has put on his web-pages. From her work Jackson clearly demonstrates not only her skills/experience but also I love how she relates her experience and shows how it will help an employer and what the value add of having her on your team is.

Looking at Jackson’s profile makes me think though, is HR/Recruitment in general terms ready to deal with innovative candidates. Sure most Recruiters are online in some form or another, but how many actually have a process that is flexible enough to deal with someone who may not fit into your processes. Is your company’s recruitment practice proactive enough to find Jackson’s web-pages? I am not sure what she is doing in terms of a job search, but if she is not mailing a resume or replying to ads on a Job Board – hopefully Jackson comes up on some of the candidate searching you are doing. Once you find this information, would the information Jackson provides fit nicely into your Applicant Tracking System or your Database? If not, how much of the intangible information are you losing and potentially not passing on to a Hiring Manager.

I think what has worked in the past will not necessarily work in the future. Candidates want to work somewhere they will be challenged and learn and grow. If your HR/Recruitment team displays processes that take don’t necessarily convey this message, this potentially could turn people away who were once interested in your company. For example once calling up and having a talk to a candidate a company may say:

1) HR Question: Send me in a copy of your resume – Candidate Reply – you actually already have my resume, the web-page is http://
2) HR Question: Come in for a chat so we can get to know you – Candidate Reply – if this is the basis of a meeting, you already know me and my thoughts by looking at my online links (blog, portfolio, homepage, etc…)

These questions if not handled properly could potentially turn a candidate from being interested in your company to not being interested in your company. It potentially could demonstrate that your company is not social media savvy or maybe give the impression of not really being all that innovative. A candidate may think, if this company isn’t able to take information I have provided in the public forum and use it, is it really a company I want to work for?

I think when liaising with candidates a company should utilize the information the person has provided in the public domain. A candidate may inadvertently give you answers to many of the questions you are seeking on their online presence and save everyone time instead of having to fill out forms or paperwork. If you build this into your conversations with your candidates it becomes a much more individualized service you are providing and really demonstrates to a candidate you are thinking of them as an individual.

Yes I know we need to have processes in place and I am not saying don’t work to those processes, but don’t let process take away a candidate’s individuality. Don’t let your process inadvertently scare away the top candidates that you may want in your company.

Enjoy Reading.. !!