PSUINDIA.IN website Launched!


A new website, totally committed to Public Sector Undertakings has been launched in India. The site named has been started with the purpose of giving utmost media/internet coverage to PSUs of India which have played a major role in the development of the country – post Independence

WordPress 3.0 Releasing on May 2010

Wordpress LogoWordPress Team is working on the new version i.e. 3.0 and as per the roadmap of releases, WordPress 3.0 is expected to release in May 2010. Current version i.e. WordPress 2.9 added cool features like image editing and video embed thru link and now WordPress 3.0 is coming up with lot many new features. We already talked about the merge of WordPress and WordPress MU (Multiple Users) system code. And there are lot many other new features expected to come with 3.0.

New Features in WordPress 3.0
There are lot many changes and additions expected in WordPress 3.0. I checked out the Alpha version released a few weeks ago and also went thru the Trac and found below updates

  • WordPress and WordPress MU Merge
  • A New Default Theme names TwentyTen (2010)
  • Custom Post Type
  • Menu Management
  • Custom Taxonomies
  • Have Custom Password for Admin at the time of Installation

AIHM NOIDA Website launched!

Agra Institute of Hotel Management NOIDA (AIHM-NOIDA) has launched its website. AIHM NOIDA is the only Institute of its kind in the region which is capable of providing quality education in Hospitality (Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Tourist management) and business management.

We Developed on joomla 1.5 framework with modify JA Purity theme.

Linkedin/Facebook/Twitter Banned at Your Company…This Might Resist Your Ability to Hire Good People

I read an article titled “52% of Companies Ban Facebook, Twitter at Work” the other week and was quite surprised to find the number was that high.

Whenever the question comes up of about using social networking tools at work – the common debate tends to be focused around productivity. That is many people from a management perspective take the thinking that using tools like Facebook takes people away from doing the tasks that they are employed to do and ends up costing the company money. Users of Social Networks however counter that with the thought that it is by using tools like Facebook they are actually able to do the job they do and that social networking tools help the company do business and make money.

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Career Longevity: Find Creativity in Your Job

It is that time of year where everyone writes a “my predictions for [insert niche area here] 2010” story. These articles and blog posts are great but rather than write up another list about the same things many of us have already heard or written about (eg. More about social media, mobile is coming, etc….) I wanted to reflect on something different (I sense a theme for my blog posts this year developing – updates next post). Whether you are in a company that employs 1 or 100 000 people, as professionals we all have certain tasks that we need to do to be successful in our jobs. The jobs we have have their ups and downs but they make up a large portion of our day, our time and our energy. Ideally we should enjoy what we do and if you are in a job to just “pay the bills” it does not have to necessarily be a bad thing.

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Google may left out from China

Goolge ChinaSAN FRANCISCO: Google Inc said it may pull out of China because it is no longer willing to accept censorship of search results and after hackers coordinated a sophisticated attack on email accounts of human rights activists using its Gmail service.

Google’s surprise announcement on Tuesday came shortly after an adviser to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she will announce a technology policy next week to help citizens in other countries to gain access to an uncensored Internet.

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Happy New Year 2010

May your New Year be blessed With Peace, Love & Joy.
My Heartfelt Wishes With Joy that Never Ends

Happy New Year 2010

Beware: Top Ten Riskiest Domains

According to McAfee Labs, the number of annual unique instances of malware increased from less than 100,000 in 2006 to nearly 1.4 million in 2008, and the 2009 figures are on pace to dwarf that figure. In their annual “Mapping the Mal Web” report, McAfee identified the world’s riskiest domains by their TLD suffixes. The top five riskiest suffixes for malware sites are:

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Social Networking…How Much Talk About it is too Much

 It has been a while  blog post – at first I was thinking that it must just be a case of writers block, which sometimes happens. Yesterday though, I had the chance to meet with @sarahatcarve while she was in Melbourne and after talking to her I started to think maybe it is not a case of writers block but maybe we (general online community) have said all there is to say about social media for the moment.

Sarah and I have been talking to each other on Twitter for a while and it was great to finally get the chance to meet her. Sarah runs Carve Consulting in Australia which is a consulting firm that helps organisations realise value from corporate social networks. (taken from webpage). It was great to talk to someone who gets social media/networks and sees the value they provide in a business capacity. As Sarah and I were talking I found myself answering my own questions about why it has been a while since my last blog post. A few things that I mentioned when I met with Sarah:

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