SSL is important for SEO and your website! Why ?

SSL is important for SEO and your website! Why ?

Why you should get SSL and firewall implemented for your website

As per the latest google update, Google will give a bit of a priority to sites in their SEO rankings that have implemented SSL certificate on their website. This actually mean that whatever information will be exchanged it will be more secure. Google actually wants to make to web more secure.  One will actually find a lot more information over internet.

Here is one more reason why you should implement SSL and how the SEO rankings might get effected.

Over the past few months we have seen a lot of sites being hacked. Below is a case study of one of those sites that was hacked.

Case Study

How a website of a real estate player was hacked and how it impacted their search rankings. The website was hacked and the people responsible for it did not even knew about this till it was highlighted to them.

The website ranked in the top 3 results for many of the prominent keywords in google search before the hacking took place. Once the site was hacked the below messages were displayed.  This was related only to the projects of the company which were the interior pages. the key point to note here is the meta description.

Source: nikul san