SSL is important for SEO and your website! Why ?

SSL is important for SEO and your website! Why ?

Why you should get SSL and firewall implemented for your website

As per the latest google update, Google will give a bit of a priority to sites in their SEO rankings that have implemented SSL certificate on their website. This actually mean that whatever information will be exchanged it will be more secure. Google actually wants to make to web more secure.  One will actually find a lot more information over internet. Continue reading

Five Signs Your Android Device is Infected With Malware

mobile-phone-virus-removalAuthor: Max Eddy
The antivirus and security company Bitdefender released a list of five symptoms that might indicate a malware infection. Do any of these sound familiar?

Racked-Up Phone Bills
Last year, the SpamSoldier malware introduced the world to the first mobile SMS botnet. Designed specifically to spread to other phones using SMS messages, SpamSoldier also sent out huge amounts of offers hoping to monetize on its size. Other malware that takes advantage of text messaging has since arisen, much to the dismay of victims who are left to pore over enormous phone bills. Continue reading

Beginner in IT industry

As a fresh graduate I was proud to join a Big Brand IT Company ( I will not name it here ;)) as my first company. I reached that city with my father 3 days prior to the date of joining at Comapny. I came to visit the campus the next day of my reaching here. I literally fell in love with those Huge buildings with blue glass facades.
It feels very different for a person who has never seen how an organization works to come and join work in a big organization. There were so many fears- will I be able to meet the organizations expectations, what if I fail to do my work on time, or what if my work is not up to the mark. Fears akin to what a student gets before important exams during his academic life. Even if you were a brilliant academic performer in college, you still feel fearful when you are about to join work.
At Comapny, the campus to corporate training program makes you feel very comfortable. The games, the open discussions and doubt clearing sessions that we had with the HR team make you get ready for your corporate life. Then you start feeling lucky that you have got this brand name as your first company in your professional life. You learn that it’s fine to make mistakes and learn from them, and it’s not different from your academic life. You get to learn cool stuff and meet some of the most intelligent people here. They inspire you.
All Big Brands have this protocol of calling everybody by their first names. It was something new to me as we are used to calling people as sir or ma’am. Calling my manager by his first name feels as if he is my classmate from college.
At work place time flies by, it’s not even 40 days that I joined this company and I’m loving it! You get to meet so many people in the campus. The gym is well equipped and well maintained. Company wants to us to be fit and healthy. Even after I am tired after work I got to gym and feel the energy surging after 30 minutes of run on a treadmill.
When I need to get some fresh air, I can just get out of my cubicle and walk around. There are well maintained gardens which makes me wonder how come they keep the plants so green in the heat of India. It seems as if we are in some resort …with well -kept green shrubs around the buildings.
Comapny environment is so warm and there is no dress code here, I used to come wearing formals to office in the first few days and was surprised to see most of the seniors here in jeans and T-Shirts.
I must add that while coming to work every morning I feel as if I am going to my college, to learn, to live, to chill, and to enjoy life at these big brands.
Enjoy the Experience.. !!

Mobile Number Portability

Most awaiting service “Mobile Number Portability” nation wide from today. Customers now can change their operator without changing mobile number. Honorable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will launch mobile number portability all over India.

We hope mobile operator now enhance quality of service such as call drop after launching of this service due to fear of customers run away. Some of operator now charge customers when they call on their customer care number however most of the companies customers care numbers are toll free. TRAI have fixed charges Rs. 19 to be paid to new mobile operator along with identity proof and address. Continue reading

Who will be the next ONGC Big Boss ?

ONGCCome Oct 19, the interviews begin. The appointment is crucial, as India’s most profitable co till 2007-08, ONGC,  has been punching below its weight.

Running ONGC is a complex job. It calls for keeping both the oil ministry and shareholders happy. It calls for making profits, as well as giving up profits in the name of national interest. It calls for domestic consolidation and overseas expansion. It calls for motivating a workforce that is aging and disengaged. Inside, ET maps out the attributes required of the CMD to breathe new life into the 1,01,663-crore company.

Here are the 5 frontrunners…


WordPress Available for BlackBerry

WordPress team has released the new version of WordPress for BlackBerry i.e. WordPress 1.3. This new WordPress for BlackBerry is having lot many new features for comments moderation and stats. Bloggers using WordPress as blogging platform can access their admin panel i.e. Dashboard thru BlackBerry device.

New features in WordPress 1.3 for BlackBerry

  • Option to load more comments, not just the latest 100
  • Ability to load comments by status (all/spam/pendings)
  • You can now edit the comment details (Author Name/E-mail/URL)
  • Option to manually set the video-size when using VideoPress service
  • A much requested formatting toolbar that allows you to bold text for example
  • A new word count feature is shown on the post/page write screen
  • You can now submit bug reports and feedback from within the app
  • Multiple improvement to how Stats are handled
  • Improvements on the photo resizing options and a new jpeg encoder is now being used

WordPress for BlackBerry is very very smooth to access. You can add unlimited blogs thru your WordPress and check stats for them as well. Stats plugin is required to access stats for the blog.

Is HR/Recruitment Really Ready For Innovative Candidates

Before I begin this blog post, I want to acknowledge that there are some great HR/Recruitment people out there who are innovative and are leading the way in using new means to successfully attract and connect with talented people. For those of you who fit in this category, please keep thinking outside the square – just because what you do may not be the norm doesn’t mean it is bad.

Continue reading